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Building Defects/Defective Workmanship CPR 35/S.11 Disrepair Claims
We can write professional reports to CPR35/Pre Action Protocol standards for:

Building Defects (CPR 35) – We can advise you on a buildings’ defects and how to remedy those defects and how much that is likely to cost. We get asked to inspect investigate and write reports for building owners, occupiers and tenants.  This involves taking a pathological approach – working methodically so the cause of building failure can be established and a remedial scheme implemented. 

Defective Workmanship (CPR 35) – You may have had building work carried out to your home or property, that proves to be defective or not to the standard and quality that you expected or commissioned. We can identify the defective workmanship, advise on the remedial action to be taken and estimate the cost of putting right the defective work.

Disrepair Claims (Section 11) – We can identify defects to a property, advise the remedial action and the cost of the work and prepare a schedule of work. Disrepair claims are usually instructions received from legal advisors and carried out on behalf of tenants or landlords.

All our reports are written to standard that is acceptable to an English court of law, to Civil Procedures Rules Direction 35.  Our reports follow the RICS guidance and practice statements for expert witness cases.

We are sometimes asked to value building work – especially alterations and refurbishment building work. We use, amongst other data sources, current published pricing indices such as BCIS, Spons pricing index etc.

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