Project Management

Contract Administrator

We can act as your contract administrator on your building project. If you don’t have the time or the experience in running your building project – professional help is at hand. We ensure the contractor builds to budget, time, quality and to the terms of the contract. We will advise on the best form of building contract you should have with the builder, administer that contract on your behalf, inspect the work in progress on site, make payments to your builder and sign off the completed works.

Project Manager

We can act as your project manager – similar to the contract administrator role – on your building (or insurance re-building in an insurance loss scenario) project. Ensuring the main contractor and or the sub contractors build to budget, time and to the quality expected. This service may include a design input from our firm.

Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) (CML Certification)(sometimes called an ‘Architects Certificate’)

This service consists of 4 – 5 critical stage inspections of your building project (foundations, upper floor joist level, roof structure, pre plaster 1st fix services, completion). We ensure that the building is built to the plans, design specification and standards of workmanship and are compliant with the Building Regulations as a minimum. We issue a stage certificate after each stage inspection and a list of remedial actions if applicable. This PC certification is not backed by an insurance policy and is limited to 6 years liability under our Professional Indemnity insurance from project completion. This certification satisfies the Council of Mortgage Lenders requirements and most lenders; for first and subsequent buyers within the policy term. Only major structural defects are covered under any professional consultants’ certificate.

Warranty Insurance Risk Inspections (CML Certification)

We can carry out the stage inspections for completed building work in progress, on behalf of structural warranty providers; in addition to your appointed building control body. (We can also carry out site inspections for Approved Inspectors)
The last inspection triggers a completion certificate from the warranty provider (of which there are a number in the market); as long as all the building work has been built to the required satisfaction and standard). This satisfies the Council of Mortgage Lenders requirements and most UK banks/lenders; for first and subsequent buyers within the policy term. This certification is insurance backed for 8 years by the insurer, the first 2 years are usually covered by the developer. Only major structural defects are covered under any warranty policy.

Building control inspections

Although we are not Approved Inspectors in our own right at this current time, we do carry site inspections on residential and commercial buildings on behalf of Approved Inspectors (private building control bodies).

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